SOLVE Show at Swim Cafe

SOLVE Memorial

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Brendan Scanlon, the Chicago artist known as “Solve”, was murdered last month.

A show of his work opened today at the Swim Cafe at 1357 W. Chicago Avenue. It’s a great body of work–definitely worth checking out.

He showed a ton of talent at 24. It’s depressing that we won’t know what he would have achieved.

Peerless Candy Factory

Fenced Off

I went out to photograph the remnants of the Peerless Candy Factory today.

While I knew that a century-old candy factory couldn’t survive in Lincoln Park’s condo economy, (and despite the fact that I don’t really like hard candy of the type made there), it is sad to see the Peerless Candy Factory coming down.

It was a link to Chicago’s sugary, industrial past. In the 21st century, it was hard to believe a train full of corn syrup snaked its way from downtown Chicago through residential neighborhoods to supply the factory.

Sugarland Express ParkingProud Building

I suppose the economic forces that brought Peerless down are the same forces that make my neighborhood desirable to live in. It would be nice to have it both ways.

Peerless Peerless Destruction

Museum of Modern Ice

I visited Millennium Park for the opening day of the Museum of Modern Ice yesterday.

Museum of Modern Ice

It was nice, but  the foot of snow we received covered it in frost, which muted the colors quite a bit.

Modern Ice Detail Red

I heard on WBEZ that it was funded by the CN Railroad.  So, um, thanks CN Railroad!  You will be the first choice for all my rail shipping needs.

See my Museum of Modern Ice Flickr set for more photos.

Nogu Svelo

When I was in Russia, a friend I met there introduced me to Nogu Svelo, a Russian band.  They’re weird and awesome, but for a long time I couldn’t find their music in the US.

Now, they’re available on eMusic, and have videos on YouTube: