Peerless Candy Factory

Fenced Off

I went out to photograph the remnants of the Peerless Candy Factory today.

While I knew that a century-old candy factory couldn’t survive in Lincoln Park’s condo economy, (and despite the fact that I don’t really like hard candy of the type made there), it is sad to see the Peerless Candy Factory coming down.

It was a link to Chicago’s sugary, industrial past. In the 21st century, it was hard to believe a train full of corn syrup snaked its way from downtown Chicago through residential neighborhoods to supply the factory.

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I suppose the economic forces that brought Peerless down are the same forces that make my neighborhood desirable to live in. It would be nice to have it both ways.

Peerless Peerless Destruction

5 thoughts on “Peerless Candy Factory”

  1. I worked for Peerless for almost 18 yrs. And since the plant shut down, there is no day that I have no made comments to my family or friends about this great company. I am sad since the company went out of business but in the other hand I am happy that I am part of its history.
    Thanks to Peerless Confection Company for all these years.

  2. I just “found” a jar of Peerless Candy that has never been opened while cleaning out my parent’s home. So, when I looked up Peerless Candy Co., I was surprised to discover this.

  3. was really sad to hear this. a few days ago I found some Peerless candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar.

    I stocked up.

  4. Thats to bad! My greatgrandmother always had peerless candy for x-mas and I wanted to surprise my boys with a tin can of their own.

    So then come to find this article, I am shocked to see this catastrophy.
    Great candy.

  5. My wife has been looking for the rasberry filled candy for quite some time. She would only buy Peerless. Now we find out that the business is gone. What a loss. There are phony types around but they will never match Peerless.
    A great loss to the candy world.

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